The direction of China's steel industry:The road of high-quality steel

Time: 2017-07-29
China has become the world's number one steel producer, the annual output of more than 800 million tons, the production capacity of more than 1.1 billion tons, compared to the second, third, fourth, and even the total production of steel producers But also far more than the history of the world's steel development in Europe, the United States, the former Soviet Union, Japan and other countries have achieved the output. The quality of China's steel, energy consumption, emissions and product quality has reached or close to the world's advanced level, but the uneven level of iron and steel enterprises, for many iron and steel enterprises, the characteristics of extensive management is still very obvious. And according to the law of economic development, we can not always maintain such a high yield, need to be adjusted in time to transform, to backward production capacity. Reduce production capacity, reduce energy consumption, material consumption, improve the quality of varieties, reduce emissions, take the road of development of fine steel in order to make the iron and steel industry sustained and healthy development.

If the main task of the iron and steel industry is to expand the scale of production to meet the demand for sustained economic growth in the national economy, the main task of the steel industry in the future is to take the road of fine steel, not only in the new China since its establishment, especially since the reform and opening up Is to maintain the largest steel production power, but also to build the world's first steel power. In the next two decades, no matter how the rapid development of new industries, iron and steel industry will continue to be an important industry in China's national economy, but also China's participation in international competition, a dominant industry, is an important export industry.

Regardless of other national industrial structure, the above position of the steel industry is in line with China's national conditions and economic development laws.

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