What are the benefits of galvalume?
What are the benefits of galvalume?
With GALVALUME, the aluminum and zinc act together to resist corrosion and provide barrier protection on the roofing surface.  That is, it resists rust and resists cracking and peeling from weather.  It also resists cracking and peeling from the roll-forming process when the corrugated panels are formed.

Zinc alone could rust more, while aluminum alone may not resist hail and other damaging forces as well.  GALVALUME is thus likely to last longer in most situations (unpainted, about 30-40 years).  Lasting longer, of course, means it saves you money long term, since you won’t have to worry about maintenance and replacement as soon.  (It’s also relatively inexpensive at the outset compared to other long-lasting roofing options.)

GALVALUME is versatile.  It’s fairly easy to install, even over existing surfaces, andlightweight.  It suits both in structural and architectural needs.  (For low-slope or flat roofs, structural is used.)  Unpainted GALVALUME requires less upkeep than other surfaces and is therefore sought in many commercial applications.  It is sometimes used unpainted for residential roofs, too, but can be painted to match any architectural styling.  It can even be formed and stamped to look like tile or shingle. 

GALVALUME steel can also help keep utility use and costs down.  It reflects the hot sun off the surface during the summer, allowing much less heat to enter into the underlying building and thus requiring less cooling effort.  It also reflects cool air back into the structure.  In the winter, it does just the opposite, keeping the heat of the building reflected back into itself.  Not only does this energy efficiency help save you money, but it’s also better for the environment.  It’s also better for the environment that it will not need to be torn off and disposed of as soon as other roofs likely would, and that most steel can be recycled.

As you can see, GALVALUME is a great choice for your roofing material.  Its many benefits make it a favorite. 

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